I enjoyed reading the letter in the Oct. 20 Sentinel sent in by the high school student from Montrose. It was nice to read a well written letter from an obviously independent minded student, who is not afraid to speak out on the issues. Well done Logan Semones!

Raise your hand if you live on the south side of the river around 29 Road and have enough of the skunk weed smell coming from the grow operation on the north side of the river.

I live by a lot of rental property with trash and no upkeep. A new buyer will buy the property and still no upkeep. Maybe the city should raise their taxes until they improve the property like the homes around them.

I presume that many of us are gun-owners, but would hope that most of us are nevertheless leery about anyone who feels the need to openly carry a firearm in public. We thought the days of the “Wild West” were over? Any open-carry gun-toting person not only doesn’t make us feel safer, but the reverse.

District 51 would have more substitutes if they paid their substitutes better, minimum wage for educated employees that are responsible for our students is not good. On top of the low pay, substitutes have 10% of their hourly wage taken out for the state retirement plan (PERA), so their pay is actually less than minimum wage. Provide the substitutes with proper pay, training, respect, support, and the proper safety devices (masks and shields) during the COVID times. Substitutes need to be treated with respect and honored as part of the D51 team.

Perhaps the college, with it’s taxpayer advantages, could stop competing with private industry. Might give the locals a fighting chance. Back in the day, experience in the hospitality industry came via working, not delaying life by attending school. With the extended adolescence we have created, we should probably not be all that surprised. Please, let them grow up.

I get so tired of watching and listening to people blame the school district and the teachers for their children’s behavior. This violence and aggression starts at home. Teachers are asked to teach children more than they ever have and now you expect them to raise your children? They bring their fouls language and behavior from their experiences at home. Don’t place blame on the school and it’s staff. Be responsible for your child. Get involved. Volunteer. Make a difference for the better instead of always pointing fingers.

Have to say I told you so? Opening the schools has caused a huge influx of coronavirus. It went from 134 cases to over 1,000 in a little over a month. There is just no possible way you can put that many kids in one place and not have the spread of disease. With the technology we have now days there was no reason to go back to regular school. I’ll say it again that schools as we know is will be obsolete within 20 years.

A big thank you to those improving Liberty Cap Trail. I can’t imagine the hard work and brute strength you’re putting in! Much appreciated.

Masks, masks, masks! If a virus can escape from a Level 4 Bio-Lab, what makes people think a homemade piece of cloth can contain it?

Albeit, it maybe crude, but this so-called pseudo-snow day on Monday of Oct. 26, cost us taxpayers upwards of $10 million dollars in stay -at -staff compensation i.e. go shopping, just by taking their 2020-21 revenue divided by school days. Add to the disruptions to the economic climate of private sector workers and this makes our COVID uptake look minuscule.

We give a huge thank you to the person or persons who paid for our meal at Applebees last week! What a blessing that was to us! We had just come from my respiratory therapy (I’m on oxygen 24/7) and my husband suggested we stop for lunch at Applebees so I wouldn’t have to cook. This is not something we do real often. So when the waitress told me our meals had been taken care of and we were free to go, I could hardly believe her words. Thank you so very much and may God bless you!

Oh my! curious as to what constitutes a county-wide “outbreak”. Also curious how in the world the carnival was approved.

The coronavirus was developed and designed for the purpose of killing humans. The group of mad scientists associated with the virus have the antidote, they are not going to share it. The virus is going to be with us for along time.

I came home from work Monday to find neighbors and members of the Colorado Mesa University Lacrosse team working to clean up our yard from all the fallen tree limbs after the storm. We are incredibly blessed to live in a community where people come together and help in times of need. I wish to send a huge public thank you to all who pitched in.

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