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November is Random Acts of Kindness month in Mesa County. The effort is spearheaded by the Western Slope chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. If you have a random act of kindness you'd like to send in, email

 I accidentally dropped my credit card at the Alta gas station in Fruita and did not know it until my next stop to City Market, when I did not have my credit card to pay for my groceries. I immediately canceled the card, and there was not any fraudulent usage on the card. When I got home, I saw I had a message on Facebook from an unknown person. She said she found my credit card at the gas station and turned it in to the cashier. I was so pleased that there are honest people at a gas station that is frequented by travelers. Thank you so much for your honesty!

You don't expect it to happen, then all of a sudden, someone walks up behind you and tells the cashier to put your food bill on his ticket. I have been retired from the U.S. Navy for over 40 years and it just happened to my wife and me. I regret that I did not get the gentleman's name, but he said that because his dad and brother served in the Navy, he was proud to purchase our food. We thank you, sir, and we look forward to doing the same for someone else.

A big thank you to all in attendance at Fruita 4th Friday Breast Cancer Fundraiser. The success of this event is due to the community, which is Fruita. Scarce time to plan and so many willing to give and participate. Each of you helped make someone's life brighter.

Thank you to whomever bought my breakfast at Randy's Southside Diner in Clifton on Thursday. My wife just recently passed and I was feeling down. Sure caught me by surprise. You can bet I'll do the same and then some.

There were two large TVs dumped on the side of 24½ Road by the old Juniper Ridge school. They were there for six months. What a daily eyesore! I went to the city of Grand Junction website and filled out a Fix It issue. Within three days, the TVs were gone and a city worker sent me an email letting me know it was done. You guys rock! Now if only I can get Goodwill to fix their time and temperature sign — it's been non-working since I moved here over two years ago.

Are we making street repairs and upgrades in order to help move traffic to the anticipated pot shops that the Wednesday Sentinel editorial seems to recommend? Tax benefits do not justify authorizing the local sale of marijuana.

The potheads in Grand Junction want us to believe that if we open pot shops here and in Fruita, we will all benefit since they will not have to go to De Beque or Palisade anymore, which will cut down on traffic and gas. Duh! Makes sense to me!

To the writer who stated that North Avenue east of 29 Road is outside Grand Junction city limits, this is correct. However, Mesa County is not responsible for maintaining/resurfacing North Avenue east of 29 Road. All of North Avenue is part of U.S. Highway 6 and thus is maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation. Maintenance only extends to the curb. The median on North Avenue is the responsibility of Grand Junction within city limits. To those who have voiced complaints in You Said It over the past months about North Avenue needing repaving, complain to CDOT, not Mesa County or the city of Grand Junction.

We are really looking forward to CMU basketball. We do hope the two returning players will not hang their heads in disrespect of our country and great law enforcement during the national anthem, as they did last year. It really spoiled our view of them.

Why do we need Front Range consultants from Denver to run a Grand Junction community meeting? Then it gets cancelled on Oct. 29 due to snow in Denver. Makes no sense.

Maybe it's time for John Elway to become a full time endorser (aka shill) for those many businesses he touts. He is the man ultimately responsible for the demise of the Denver Broncos football club. Relieve him of his duties immediately and press on for a better successor. The fans deserve better.

Pull your head out of the sand and open your eyes. Our community is a better and healthier place for resisting pot shop sales.

Shame on you, Daily Sentinel! Giving me 43 choices of a person's favorite candy at Halloween? That's impossible and pure taste-bud torture! Oh, I choose Baby Ruth, or Snickers, or Reese's, or ... never mind.

Last Tuesday, bicyclists were on Little Park Road early and chancing death on a narrow road without shoulders, poor maintenance and blind curves. Seems kind of foolish. Snow had been predicted for days and by early evening it came, but the county had not put out magnesium chloride, sand, or anything. Travel was risky for motorists, too. The county has been doing an ever-worse job in winter while the road gets bumpier. No one seems to know about bentonite or how to patch the road properly.

After reading the front-page article about there being no dispensaries in Grand Junction or Fruita, I ask the same question to those who still to this day ignore the steady source of tax revenue to build new schools, to maintain roads and whatever else these so-called town fathers are always asking for tax increases for, and that question is why? Do you like constantly being asked to vote on yet another tax increase? Can you learn nothing from the surrounding municipalities and how they are booming?

I know I've had enough of the Leaf Guard commercials, how about you?

Great Sentinel articles about the success of the cannabis industry on the Western Slope! Grand Junction, what is the holdup with getting some stores? You're losing out on some much-needed tax revenue.

A big ol' hearty NOPE from me on any new proposed tax increases until the city of Grand Junction and its voters pull their heads out of the sand and allow marijuana sales inside the city limits. A guaranteed revenue stream with little or no detriment to the community seems like a no-brainer to me.

We are turning into a nation of shut-ins. Groceries are now delivered, restaurant food is now delivered, everyday items that people used to go to the store for are now delivered. Half of the commercials I see are for things bought online and delivered.

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