It is amazing how our valley has become such a trashy place! We live by rental properties that are just disgusting! Garbage and old furniture just thrown in the yard; old vehicles that don’t have license plates; weeds and trash; broken windows and doors off the hinges; but I guess as long as the property owners collect rent and pay property taxes all is good.

The songbird die-off due to smoke and early September’s cold days is obvious now. In prior years there has been a large flock of migrating birds collecting around Corn Lake. Nothing this year!

Thank you so much for publishing the article about COVID “long haulers.” I have a dear friend, under 50, was an elite athlete, no underlying conditions. Now she has permanent lung damage, on oxygen 24 hours a day, mental lapses and extreme fatigue, six months post COVID. And there are so many just like her, including children. Please wear your masks to protect yourself and others.

Went to the concert at Las Colonias Park last night. The attempt at social distancing was well-thought out but not well-implemented. Painting blue squares on dark green grass for a nighttime concert is useless. No one could see the squares and soon people were sitting everywhere. Can the park staff not use white or bright neon paint ? I felt like it was all lip service to be able to have the event and present a required plan without taking the safety of the community seriously.

We may not have any water at all soon but we keep building and trying to encourage more and more people to move here. What? Where do you think the water will come from? Everywhere I go in Mesa County the streets are being worked on. Yet North Avenue is the worst street in Mesa County. This is the street that every visitor sees and drives on. There is something really wrong with the logical thinking here.

Oh, my, gosh — 186 cases in the past two weeks. Can we please admit we have a problem here, and “Protect Our Neighbors” by quarantining as we did in March? What is it going to take? The admirable, though doubtful, number of deaths is beginning to look a tad ‘off’ as well. Are we even testing people who have passed on?

It’s distressing to see so many 5-6 foot kochia plants, a noxious weed, in many areas of town. It’s going to seed and will begin spreading millions of seeds into people’s yards that are neatly kept and yards that are trashy. It’s easy to pull and discard when it’s small. Now with the 6-foot trees, you might as well decorate it and use it as your Christmas tree! A little effort and pride in ownership goes a long way in keeping Grand Junction looking nicer, rather than the weed infested, trashy, littered city as it stands today.

The Parade of Homes insert said Fox Meadows Subdivision in the southeast area was an affordable neighborhood, with homes starting in the low $300,000s. Seriously? Low $300,000s affordable? Please, who are they kidding?

Eternity would fall at such a point in its own existence, that in the same instance, in its form: everything would cease to exist. At the same point and ironically, however, but not theoretically, in the instance: time in such a form as to cease, would be instead, singular at point which an explosion would occur and hence, the reason behind a big bang with an explanation for all quantum and relative existence. So, the relative and the rational combine into every expression.

You read and are told of all the money being spent and work being done to make the schools safe for classes and then you observe the mass exodus, like lunchtime at some high schools. Very little distancing and masks not in place. Then when the positive virus cases start appearing the whole episode is replayed in a grander scale.

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