Can the city please have some police officers sit a couple of hours a week between Seventh and Ninth on the parkway. The excessive speeding and running of stop signs and red lights is becoming so dangerous that something needs to be done. It won’t take long to fill your ticket book.

Concerning School District #51 Ballot Issue: Looking at last years property taxes I’m already paying enough! School Dist51 Gen $679.92; School Dist #51 Bond $219.20; School Dist #51 2017 Over $78.70. Grand total: $977.82. And I don’t even have children in School District 51. Why is it the property owner is always hit up financially when the schools need something extra? Need to increase the sales tax that way everyone pays.

Thank you so much! My wife and I went out to celebrate my 66th birthday at Ocotillo Restaurant in the Redlands. Had a great meal and service and when it was time to get the check our server advised, “One of the gentleman that was at the bar and had just left had taken care of the bill!” Thanks again for your generosity and kindness. We will pay it forward.

It seems that to many of our citizens, one death too many only occurs after someone close to them becomes hospitalized and dies. Please think as carefully about COVID as Americans did during the smallpox, measles, polio, and other pandemics of past years. It’s fine to think again and change your mind. Please care about all of us. Consult your physician if necessary and join the vaccinated community.

The starting point for the whole Peters fiasco was her inability to believe that anyone but right of center conservatives could legitimately be elected to the City Council, after the voters chose more moderate candidates. Grand Junction is full of thoughtful, capable, conservatives. However, the Republicans have been so confident of winning every election, that they persist in nominating far less qualified candidates than they could. They also are stubbornly ignoring the demographic changes in our city. More and more people are registering Unaffiliated.

If the adult 4A cheerleaders can’t lock in my cost to pass the bond, it hearkens me back to my high school bleacher days with this ditty: “ 3 bucks, 5 bucks. 6 bucks are all dollars, if you don’t pin down my cost, I’m going to holler.”

0Wouldn’t it have been a novel idea to incorporate the new GJHS with Community Center amenities to use and do two things at once in a close-to-the-action location?

There are some that think this newspaper trends liberal. Actually they just tell it like it is. Just some don’t want to hear it.

Very disturbing to see the school board elections become so politicized.The conservatives would be screaming if there were signs around town that said “Vote Moderate”, or heaven forbid, “Vote Liberal.”

Seriously? School Board candidates now running in political blocks? What a joke! Comments on CRT when there is no curriculum for it and wanting parents to have more say? Do they also tell the banker, lawyer, mechanic, what to do? Stay in your lane!

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Just a reminder; it’s the virus that’s the enemy. Not the government, scientists, health departments, school boards, or our fellow citizens. The good news is that there is a plan to defeat the virus. Vaccination, CDC guidelines, and quarantine if you are sick. It’s not rocket science but it is solid evidence based science.

If the County is “flush” with cash as the Sentinel said, why can’t they fix a deteriorating Little Park Road before it so deteriorates they have to completely rebuild it for far more money? They hardly ever cut the weeds along the road anymore, patch potholes, seal cracks and let heaves remain for years. But Glade Park is usually ignored—every other rural fire department got money from the County. No senior center for Glade Park either.

End daylight savings or at least change it to October 1. Change Thanksgiving to third Thursday of the month.

The anti-vaccine and anti-mask hooey is hurting the economy, slowing the recovery and killing people. So get your vaccination now and wear a mask indoors when others are around. Lets beat this pandemic.

According to our 2021 Property Tax document, we are paying one general school tax and two other taxes: 1 bond and 1 override. This amounts to 63% of our yearly overall tax bill. We will not be voting for any new bond issues for the school district until the other two are paid off. Make do with what you have now and ask for more when it is fiscally responsible. The statement that “it will only cost around $3 more for a $300,000 home” is highly misleading. Unless a representative from the Treasurer’s Office tells me what this $115,000,000 bond will actually cost me, I don’t believe some common citizen being quoted in the newspaper. When the district’s debts are paid from the past two bond issues, then I will vote for a new bond. Until then, it is not appropriate for the District to ask for more.