I wanted to thank the two gentlemen who helped my husband load our order into our car at the Tractor Supply Store this week. It was very nice of them considering it was quite a lot of heavy feed bags they had to lift into the car. At this time in our history, when there are so many hateful things going on, it is refreshing to know that there are some really nice people out there who are more than willing to help total strangers, especially elderly people.

It sure would be nice if they would grind the bumps down and fill in the holes on North Avenue.

Mesa County’s two-week COVID positive test rate is nearly 3% (up from 1.8%) and climbing, while we lack county leadership to help us. If the “well connected” get COVID they run to the hospital for treatment, while people like me are sent home to live or die. “Protect Our Neighbors/Phase 3 Program” is failing residents of Mesa County.

I attended the car show at Fruita’s Reed Park. There were a lot of show cars and a large crowd at the small venue. Myself, my companion, and only a few others were wearing masks. Attendees were shaking hands, giving each other greeting hugs, and standing close to each other. Yes, it was outdoors, but those without protection were at risk. The COVID virus is not a scam. Be responsible, concerned and act accordingly. Safeguards are inexpensive, easy to utilize, and not a great burden compared to what is being experienced and what lies ahead if we shun them.

Hey Grand Junction City Council, we the people of Palisade and De Beque hope you don’t open pot shops in Grand Junction. We are enjoying the hundreds of people who come spend their money in our stores and the revenue we make. You’re not going to stop people from smoking marijuana; you’re just preventing the money from coming to you.

Why do some local residents think that very loud exhaust pipes on their vehicles need to be heard by everyone in the entire city? Since this summer, and especially on weekends, there have been many people driving around with extra-loud exhaust pipes, thereby disrupting the quiet of our neighborhoods. I know I cannot be the only one who wakes up a few times a night to this loud racing and revving. Your behavior is affecting all our community’s quality of life. Please enforce our noise ordinance, which specifically prohibits this type of behavior and modification to vehicles.

I’m concerned that while there is widespread community transmission of COVID-19, a record high number of cases, and the highest positivity rate we’ve seen, Mesa County Public Health thought it was acceptable to close the testing site on Friday and Saturday last week with no notice until Friday to accommodate a national BMX event at the fairgrounds.

If you lost your tan bunny in the Heritage Meadows subdivision, you can stop looking for it. Someone ran over it in front of our house. My husband gave it a proper burial this morning.

After the tragic and needless loss of Addie Rae recently, I hope the city of Grand Junction and the Urban Trails Committee will stop pushing to have canals available as trails for the public. The sides of canals were not made for people or animals. Please honor Addie Rae and her family by choosing another way to get around the Grand Valley.

A few words regarding the enforcement, or lack thereof, of basic traffic and other laws: I have lived here since the early ’70s, and have never seen such a quantity and regularity of red light runners, speeders, etc. In some small towns, the police use empty police cars, parked with a mannequin in them to slow traffic. Since we do not have enough human officers to cover the area, perhaps it is time to give that a try. If we could get back to enforcing basic laws, we might notice a reduction in other crime.

It sure would be great to get rid of all the career politicians and get some new, younger people in office with new ideas and not old, set in their ways, people just eating at the trough.

How is it that Montrose County, with a population about 30% of Mesa County’s, get major airline carriers to fly to their city? Southwest and Jet Blue are now flying to Montrose. Montrose Regional Airport has direct flights from carriers to Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Well, at least it’s easier to drive to Montrose than Denver.

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