I wanted to send a tremendous thank you to Amy in the St Mary’s valet. I suffered a family tragedy and was very rude to her when she parked my car. Not only did she treat me with the utmost respect, but took the time after her shift to sit down with me and talk about what happened to me. There’s not many people like this in the world and I hope she knows what an impact she had on me.

For those yawping about possible “conservative influence” on the school board, this wouldn’t be the case if there hadn’t been years of “progressive influence” shoved down the public’s throat via public schools. The pendulum’s gonna pendulum.

As dismal as the Denver Bronco season may seem, the only glimmer of hope would be for the Pillow guy to master a coup against the current NFL commissioner and name our County Clerk to run this show. This would ensure that any of her sleight of hand tabulations would crown our Broncos as Super Bowl victors.

Kudos to the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra and those who sponsor and support it. Saw them at the Avalon last Sunday afternoon and they are better than ever and well connected to conductor Charles Latshaw. So good to see the Symphony play whether you are a musician or not, like me. This caliber of a symphony also allows our community to attract such musical luminaries as pianist Jeffrey Biegel who played, among other pieces, Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. I’m not an emotional guy but that piece was moving. Being able to bring talent here of the Biegel level is a testament to our symphony, its conductor (who has vast contacts) and all those who have the vision to make sure we shine on the musical scene.

So the so called conservative slate of school board candidates who are backed by the radical very unconservative “Stand for the Constituion Party” that is intent on disrupting school board meetings and intimidating school board members is now handing out their flyers at churches? How ironic. The candidates who are backed by the group carrying out the most un-Christian of behaviors thinks they represent the “godly” choice. Whatever happened to voting for the most qualified candidates who put children first?

Please clarify. Wasn’t the legalization and taxation of marijuana supposed to provide funds for the building of schools throughout Colorado state? Perhaps Kevin McCarney’s idea on a public-private partnership to raise funds would be the better way to go, as explained in today’s paper, October 18th.

I recently read an LTE about the conservative choice candidates for the school board and how they will be focused on family values. ie, bringing back “core” subjects to the classrooms. What do they think is being taught in schools? Have they talked to teachers? Somehow they seem to think that all kids are learning is CRT, how to be sexually promiscuous, and how to keep a mask on. If you seriously think this is happening, I encourage you to get your head out of Mike Lindell’s ham and read about real problems like mental health. Your obsession with these false grievances is doing nothing more than making it harder for our kids to focus in school and giving the staff a headache.

Of course Kevin McCarney, chair of the Mesa County Republican Party, is against the bond. Whatever it is, Republicans are against it. Don’t worry, though. McCarney will be all-in when it’s time to build a new prison, the cost for which will greatly exceed the expense of educating our youth.

I don’t have children in the school system, but it would be my honor to pay the very small tax increase to replace Grand Junction High School. Our children are our future, and providing a healthy place for them to learn benefits the whole community.

This newspaper trends liberal like water runs downhill. It is blatantly obvious with all the hero worship of local apparatchiks and the non-coverage of things that make the Demoncat party look bad. It is what it is.

Sorry, I’m not buying it. If you’re not against the COVID vaccine then why didn’t you already have it since it has been available for several months and way before your employer’s mandate.

I don’t know if the school board is a member of the National School Board Association, but if it is I would hope the recent proclamation by the NSBA that parents of students are terrorists would prompt a hasty disassociation.