Isn’t it amazing that all you have to do to know everything about everything is become a politician. If you are an elected official suddenly you are an expert in medicine, finance, race relations, the Constitution and just about everything else. There is a giant trade-off however, because when you are elected and offered the chance to know everything, the trade-off is giving up your common sense.

Seems Grand Junction residents have decided to lift the mask mandate on their own. I understand stores have no way of enforcing the mandate, which is unfortunate. COVID-19 isn’t gone. Please follow the mandate and wear a mask in stores to keep yourself and others safe from exposure to COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Why can’t Grand Junction spend a little less on the Las Colonias Park development and a little more on fixing up North Avenue?

I think we should lose all our variances and be forced back into lockdown. Also, any person who doesn’t wear a mask and spreads the virus to another person should be liable for all the medical or funeral costs of the person they contaminated.

Thanks to the family of Della Gutierrez for the poem in memoriam. It was very much enjoyed.

I am just wondering when Caprock Academy will be getting rid of the old modular classrooms that have been sitting near G Road since July. It sure looks awful. Please clean it up for the people who live near there and everyone that drives by your campus.

D51 needs to be more transparent about COVID outbreaks and notify the community, not just those directly impacted. If my neighborhood school has an outbreak, the students and parents interact with me and others nearby.

As a 70+ woman with lung issues, I find it somewhat awkward to wear a mask. But I do because I listen to the advice of medical professionals, not politicians. Being awkward, cumbersome, uncomfortable or whatever the case, it is necessary for the health of everyone to wear one. I personally resent you endangering my life and others. Wear the mask or stay at home or away from people...Please!

Many thanks to the person(s) who found my camera at the Palisade Rim Trailhead on Oct. 13 and then turned it in at the municipal building. What a happy surprise when in response to my query the lady behind the desk replied that they had it. There are still good people in the world.

This year I chose to express my political preference by placing a sign in my front yard. It lasted about two weeks. Oddly enough the signs in my neighbors yards (for a different presidential candidate) are still standing. While I disagree with them, I never even considered removing my neighbors’ signs. I do not mean for this comment to start a big argument about who is right and who is wrong. My point is simply that I would like to live in a neighborhood where we can respect the opinions (and property) of our neighbors even though we may disagree.

During this time of pandemic we are all trying to stay healthy and in good shape. To that end, I am a member of a local gym. There are signs posted all around the facility telling people to wear a mask, and do social distancing. During a recent visit I noticed very few people wearing masks. I saw an employee walk through near people not wearing masks without stopping to talk to them. Without enforcement rules mean nothing. Please, let’s protect each other!

Maybe the city of Grand Junction should consider removing the crosswalks on the south side and east of 24 Road and Patterson Road since they can’t seem to put in handicap ramps and sidewalks, or at least remove the guardrail that people have to climb over or stand in the corner of the street to access the button. I’ve seen multiple people stand in the busy street trying to use these crossings. Not safe at all. Also not safe to have people climbing over the guardrail... what does a person pushing a stroller or a person in a wheelchair do?

If the person(s) who removed my sign happens to be reading this, I want to let you know that I know where to get a replacement and this time I will get two of them. Perhaps instead of stealing during darkness, you will stop by during daylight for a cup of tea.

Please, bring back the quarantine. Close to 250 cases over a two week period, what numbers are we waiting for?

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