Kudos to the County on the Clifton land purchase. For the $16 million, let’s include indoor basketball/volleyball courts for kids league, meeting rooms for seniors, an elevated walking track for rehab. Sounds like a community gathering place or Recreation Center. All that’s needed is the indoor pool! Other communities have mixed business with people needs, why not Mesa County?

As a psychologist, I know that the only thing worse than dealing with out of control behavior is to allow these people to be in and control others. In a public forum, civility must always be maintained. We have given voice to the antics of people with anger issues in public forums and it should be stopped immediately. No one has to tolerate uncivil behavior and verbal spewing. Sergeants-at-arm are for just this. Please stop this public nonsense.

I get it now. Perplexed about the school bond cost from $3 to $6 per month, I now realize the “Yes on 4B” proponents were quoting from their four-car-garage castles on the golf course. Whew, good to know my manufactured home is at the lower end.

Headlines stating COVID cases declining across the country, and yet look at Mesa County. Look at the outbreaks in our schools, totally preventable! Thankfully, my grandchildren are in the Denver area where masks are required.

The legalization and taxation of marijuana did provide funds for the building of schools throughout Colorado, in the form of the BEST Grant Fund. BEST grants never cover the entire cost of a school construction project, though. GJHS has already secured a $10 million BEST grant, but will need to come up with the remaining amount this year or the grant goes away.

I agree with whoever wrote in about Amy at St Mary’s valet. We don’t valet our car but we are elderly and my husband is wheelchair-bound and when she sees us pull in she immediately grabs a chair for him. Always takes the time to ask how we are and make sure we’re taken care of. She’s truly and angel of St Mary’s hospital!

So, Grand Junction High School was built in 1956. Ever heard of preventative maintenance? Fruita Union High School (now Fruita Middle School, 6th and 7th grades) was built in 1936. You can’t buy a car and only put gas in it and expect it to last 65 years. Upkeep!

Message to the DDA and city council. Why do you invite people to special events downtown, then close all the streets? You make it difficult, and inconvenient to attend special events when all the roads leading into downtown are closed off. Can you not figure out how to host a great event while leaving intersections open and just close individual blocks. Other communities have.

The three people who lost the Grand Junction City Council race did not even attend one venue to meet the people and discuss issues. The winners attended every one. Guess that showed who really was interested in the position. Plain and simple.

Why doesn’t Mesa County provide recycle bins closer to Clifton and Palisade? If county administrators were honestly interested in promoting green, it would seem that would be a nobrainer. It would also be a better use of taxpayer dollars than running empty GVT buses all day long that are burning fossil fuels. Which, in case you haven’t noticed, fossil fuels are getting pretty unaffordable. Is that the grand plan? No one can afford gas; so you’ll have to hop on the empty GVT and save your gas money to run out to the landfill with your recycling.

I mailed my ballot in this Monday afternoon and got a response Tuesday afternoon that my ballot had been counted.Wow and thank you to Jena Griswold for the transparency and security of the voting process.

I voted for a new Grand Junction High School, but I have to laugh when people make a big deal out of the school being built in 1956. The high school I graduated from in Ohio in 1962 was built in 1914 and is still going strong. I guess they don’t build them like they used to.

I always appreciate The Sentinel’s coverage of ballot issues and candidates. Wondering why I haven’t seen anything about Mesa County Ballot Question 1B. Voting when ignorant of an issue is worse than not voting at all. It reminds me of Jefferson’s value of a well-educated populace.