We want to thank the anonymous person who paid for our dinners at The Winery, Saturday Sept 4th. The generosity of that person warms our hearts! My 75th birthday couldn’t have been any better!

It would seem that the $938,000 Terra Energy paid Lauren Boebert’s husband for consulting fees was money well spent now that Terra has been granted only the second approval to drill 17 wells south of Rifle. Guess that’s why people go into politics. Where else can a poor business woman become a millionaire in one easy motion.

It’s time for the Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team to remove the danger warning signs from the Blue Heron Boat Ramp and several places downriver. The extreme hazard they warn about washed out years ago. Low water conditions also lessened risks. Warning signs need to be current. Not years outdated. Save the signs for future hazards that may occur. Let people enjoy the river.

Who in their right mind is accepting the alibi that one can run a complex public office from the confines of a remote luxury hotel room and on the taxpayer dole? The last time I was an occupant, the only positive interaction I got was from room service.

A letter to the editor said Lauren Bobert was being attacked by The Sentinel and she should be judged on performance. She’s done nothing, no bills passed, no allies across the aisle, turning down millions for our area out of principle, and to top it off her statements are often not true or omit information. I’m a Republican and want her gone. Maybe we should talk about her fundraising performance and where that money goes.

Thank you to Dr. Paul Padyk for the perfectly expressed letter concerning working in our community as a medical professional. My sympathies to the vaccinated medical community who continue to care for us when they are treated so poorly by unvaccinated people who will use their care.

With global warming and COVID-19, we are experiencing a new normal. That includes a county clerk and recorder working remotely from Texas.

If the Denver Broncos first play this year is a run play up the middle, the head coach and all his assistants should be fired.

We have to give credit where credit is due; the roundabout on the First and Grand Avenue Project has no backups during rush hours. I have lived in the area for 22 years and this is the best I have ever seen traffic flow in this area. Great Job CDOT and United. Glad to see our tax dollars put to good use.

Noticed that the first page as you open the booklet on the Colorado Mountain Winefest is an advertisement for cannabis! Which is the emphasis for this fest, wine or cannabis? Poor choice to put cannabis first when it should have been on the last page.

It breaks my heart to see nurses picketing outside of hospitals over vaccinations. Remember measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations required for employment? Tetanus? If for some reason I end up in a hospital I want only nurses that are vaccinated for COVID-19 caring for me. The unvaccinated nurses could care for those unfortunate patients who already have COVID.

Thank you to the hospitals that are requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. I don’t want to be treated by medical professionals who put me at risk and who think they can independently ignore experts who have extensively studied COVID-19 and the vaccination.

Just talked to my brother in the Boston area. He mentioned the crazies at school board meetings. I started to tell him about our clerk and recorder, and he broke out laughing and said, “Is that where you are? HA! HA! HA!” Tina Peters and her followers really have made Grand Junction a national laughing stock.