(I was) in Denver/Aurora recently for a few days and really saw a contrast to Grand Junction in the number of people freely wearing masks indoors and out. What do they know that people here don’t seem to get?

Who else has had it with the constant road racing every night in the neighborhood of 12th and Patterson? It has been going on for years. Someone is going to get hurt. Maybe the speedway can sponsor a night for the street racers who thinks it’s OK in your neighborhood. And where are the police — are they turning a blind eye? As I’ve said “someone is going to get hurt.” Why wait?

I would like to thank the nice older cowboy at Wells Fargo Bank who gave me money on my birthday after I opened the door for him. If you see this, I’d like to say I am extremely grateful! I do want to say that I’m blessed to have parents who raised me to be respectful and have kindness in my heart. Sadly, kids my age either do not show respect or know how to reciprocate it, so I’m glad there’s still people out there who appreciate acts of kindness. We need more people like you in our world.

So many people complaining about the unvaccinated. If you are vaccinated why do you care whether your neighbor or health-care worker is? If you are vaccinated then you’re protected, right? If you aren’t protected after getting it, maybe the people holding off are right in doing so.

Aug. 9-Sept 9. Is Tina Peters still on the payroll after a month of AWOL?

Who is responsible for cleaning up trash along Interstate 70? It is an embarrassment to our beautiful valley!

Very sad that Mesa County now has 16 schools with COVID outbreaks. These are our children! Masks work and are needed to prevent this!

With very large fine levied against those with fake vaccinations cards, it will become an economical decision. The database won’t lie. Health protection for the common good and protection of the masses overrides any personal rights.

As I see the forecast for yet another storm, with predictions of 20 inches of rain, heading toward Louisiana, I’m completely puzzled by so many Republicans continuing to support a former president who said climate change was a hoax and did nothing to address the increasingly devastating effects of climate change.

If Tina Peters is elected and can’t be removed by our county commissioners, can we please re-initiate the recall petition?

Want to stop unsolicited rampant junk mail? Just return their 1 ounce envelope with their postage paid envelope stuffed with 10oz of shredded scrap. They will eventually see the costs are not worth it.

It’s time for commissioners to step up and demand Peter’s resignation! Really, swearing people in in by a clerk who is representing “a where’s Waldo” county while having computer and online access to “work for Mesa County?” What an embarrassment to Mesa County and the Republican Party!

People! What is the big deal with wearing a mask? Express yourself with you eyes and tone. For pity’s sake, no one cares what you “look like.” David Foster Wallace wrote: “You’ll stop caring what people think about you when you realize how seldom they do.” Wear a mask, stop the spread, Vaccinated or not. Thanks.

Ponder this: More Americans have died in the past three days from COVID-19 than the past 20 years we spent fighting in Afghanistan. Please get vaccinated so we can end our own inter battle in US.

Tina Peters has refused to answer the major questions brought by the Secretary of State. Who was the man she allowed to have access to the county’s election equipment, including passwords? Why was he there? Secondly, why were the cameras turned off in the secure election room? Tina Peters needs to be charged with these crimes. Anyone else who was complicit in either of these rules violations should also be charged and disallowed from working in elections. Tina Peters needs to explain herself, not complain about “leaks to the media.” We the People deserve an explanation from Peters.