A great bunch of men who came to the aid of my friend who fell out of her wheelchair accidentally.  They came, lent her their strong arms, and all is good now. Thank you. Smiles.

Hoping someone can assist me. Who would one contact to have the state trim the hay, weeds and shrubs growing out of control on 13 Road in Loma between Interstate 70 and U.S. Highway 6&50? It has gotten so bad that when exiting our subdivision, you can't see cars coming from either side. It's usually taken care of way before this time of the year. We have called everyone we can think of and visited the area where they work out of, but to no avail. Just pray there isn't an accident due to the problem.

For those who value "gun rights," your rights are not up for a debate and especially not a vote. The data does not matter, it will always be contorted by corporate media and politicians to stigmatize gun ownership. The "Where's the data?" editorial is a perfect example. There is already plenty of data and books of research on this topic, yet none of the causes and more obvious solutions for mitigating these violent events are even close to being mentioned. More likely they are purposefully omitted.

Can traffic management please start giving tickets to the vehicles with blown-out mufflers, open headers, overly loud Cat Back systems and motorcycles with all or most of the baffles removed? It's unbelievable how loud some are. One does not hear this decibel level of blasting motor noise in any other place. Give some big tickets. The revenue, at least from the first few months, would be huge. A little peace and quiet, please!

Setting the record straight. The upcoming bond goes to all the high schools, not just Grand Junction High School. These students aren't complaining about having an old high school, they are sounding the alarm that they feel unsafe in a sinking school and want to feel secure where they are going to school.

A couple weeks ago in the Rimrock Walmart parking lot, a young girl hit my car but didn't do any real damage, so I didn't press charges. A few months ago, in another parking lot, a young man did the same thing to my father and they settled out of court. When are people going to pay attention and make wise choices with driving? I mention old people too because an elderly lady hit my dad's car in another parking lot. Look before you leap. Next time, you might not be as lucky and could really injure someone or yourself!

My happy day begins when the comics and puzzles are on the last page of either section so that I don't have to look for them.

So, I'm only a second generation immigrant. My grandmother's family came over from eastern Russia/western Russia just before World War I. They were treated in a manner almost identical to the current brown-skinned immigrants. I don't think it's racism per se as much as elitism, and is very unbecoming of the greatest country on Earth.

Why only better gun control? Why not the ammunition? Guns don't work without bullets!

Your editorial stated Polis is fulfilling a "progressive agenda." But we in western Colorado prefer to call it "socialist agenda."

Is there a food shortage I don't know about? I ask because the shelves are just about bare at the Walmart on North Avenue in Grand Junction almost all of the time. Has anyone else noticed this? Signed, Old Mother Hubbard.

Love each other, don't judge, forgive and forget, be good stewards of the earth, and money is the root of all evil. It would seem one man's morality is another man's immorality.

Yes, progress was made in D51 scores. But since when is an average of 33% a good thing? And the "professional development" is a joke! Teachers are busting their butts to help kids despite being forced to use systems/structures/materials that don't meet the kids' needs. We need to make serious changes.

It is not true you can stay in the left lane of a street or highway while driving at, under or even over the speed limit. This is based on a misreading of Colorado statutes concerning highways with a limit of 65 or more. If someone is overtaking you and you are in the left lane, you must get out of their way when there are two lanes. Leave speeding violations to the cops and legal interpretations to those who read more than the one statute other readers have relied on erroneously.

All hands on deck America. We must come together now to stop this epidemic of gun violence. There is almost nobody in this country now who has not been impacted in some way by these mass shootings. I'm sick of living in a fear-based society. This is too wonderful a country to see these tragedies occurring over and over.

Thank you to the ladies who paid for our breakfast at IHOP Thursday morning. Your kindness and generosity made two people happy and grateful. Thank you again.

So after seeing the editorial, it's OK to leave your kid in the car locked up if you have an important job working for the DA. So the rest of us get in trouble?

If all these folks know what won't work with gun control, maybe they need to come up with what will work. Other than that, maybe we should try some things that have been proposed, instead of doing nothing!

Not sure what is going on. Bought and prepared Olathe Sweet sweet corn. Purchased at local City Market out of tub with ice. Prepared it as we had in past years. Not really very sweet. And not much corn taste. Not really "Sweet sweet" anymore. Not buying any more.

Fireworks at Palisade Festival caused another fire. There was a red flag warning all day on Friday and Friday night. Why were fireworks displayed? When will people learn? No burning or fireworks when there is a warning. Please.

To my neighbors who live in the Redlands: Stop stealing from my property! You wouldn't like it if I stole from your property. It's got to stop. If it doesn't, I will eventually catch you on camera and then you can deal with the authorities. This neighborhood used to be an upscale place to live but over the last 10 to 15 years, the area has really gone downhill with thieves and people like you.

Killer of LGBT teen now lives in Colorado

DURANGO — Colorado state officials say a New Mexico man who murdered a LGBT teenager has moved to the state after being released from prison.

The Durango Herald reports that then 18-year-old Shaun Murphy was sentenced to 40 years in prison in 2002 after he pleaded guilty to killing 16-year-old Navajo student Fred Martinez Jr. in an apparent hate crime.

State officials say Murphy pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in New Mexico after facing the possibility of life in prison.

Officials say the now 36-year-old man was released in May 2018 and currently resides in Greeley where he has been restricted from consuming alcohol and intoxicating drugs.

Eight boys arrested in theft of SUV

COLORADO SPRINGS — Police in Colorado arrested eight boys they say took part in stealing and crashing a sport-utility vehicle and committing several other crimes.

Colorado Springs police say the crimes began with the theft of the Toyota 4Runner on Tuesday.

Police allege people in the Toyota fired shots at a home Wednesday. Nobody was hurt but police say a boy later stole from a liquor store before fleeing in the SUV.

Calls came in later that boys in the SUV stole a diaper bag and backpack from a woman at gunpoint and pointed a gun at another vehicle.

The Colorado Springs Gazette reports the Toyota later collided with another vehicle and police arrested eight boys who fled on foot.

F-35A demo team to be based in Utah

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — The Air Force is moving its demonstration team for the F-35A fighter to Hill Air Force Base in northern Utah from Luke Air Force Base in metro Phoenix.

The single-jet demonstration team conducts flights at airshows to display the capabilities of the F-35A, a relatively new aircraft now entering operational service in significant numbers.

Officials said the team will be assigned to Hill beginning with the 2020 airshow season when it will conduct approximately 20 performances between March and November.

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