Attention all homeowners and businesses! Xeriscape landscaping does not consist of one dead pine tree, 50 kochia weeds, waves of cheatgrass, a pile of firewood, a few "decorative" rocks and a 1967 mustang rotting under a ripped blue tarp. Have a little pride in your property and don't make your neighbors have to see this mess. I feel sorry for the neighbors that work to keep their yards looking good. Businesses, when you arrive at your place, see what the customers see when they drive up and clean up the landscaping. Let's keep Grand Junction looking sharp.

We can all identify that words do matter. Just look at the multiple inserts in this column of "thank you for paying for my meal." That directive-to-action comes from our local church pulpits. What is so different from the executive level that encourages divisive action?

To the person who complained about parents taking a piece of fruit and giving it to their kids at the supermarket, you should know that City Market has a program that lets kids have a free piece of fruit in order to promote healthy eating. Just a little FYI.

The school district watchdogs that can find out where every penny is spent should direct their attention to the corrupt county commissioners who receive cart blanche in their decision making and get re-elected!

Thanks to whomever for paying for our breakfast at Randy's on North Avenue on Aug. 4. What a nice surprise.

Driving into Grand Junction from Montrose on Highway 50, visitors, participants at the fairgrounds, those just passing through or residents are greeted by a Confederate flag on the north side of the road. The values of the American flag are a beacon of hope and freedom to millions around the world. The Confederate flag will never embody those values and only serves to perpetuate hate. There is no alternate timeline when the Confederate flag is harmless. It is a shame that flag has to be the first thing visitors see when coming to our town.

An FYI to all homeowners near construction sites. I heard there was a fire in a dumpster recently after workers had left. I'm not blaming any company or crew, and it definitely could be something totally unrelated to the homebuilders.We live in an area with hot, dry, windy weather where fires can spread quickly. I'm urging all of us to be more vigilant.

I would like to know who accepted the paving job of Redlands Parkway from the overpass to Patterson Road. There are holes in the pavement everywhere. If not repaired, the freeze/thaw of the winter will be bad.

I think that the only time our nation's flag should be flown at half staff is for national holidays and national deaths. The other deaths should be mourned privately. That or just lower it to half staff and keep it there all of the time.

A knife-wielding maniac kills and injures innocent people! The Left's vigilant crusade to protect us helpless citizens should mount a campaign to outlaw the unrestricted sales of knives and other sharp instruments of death, mutilation and destruction. Of course, a citizenry armed with only knives, hammers, automobiles, alcohol and prescription drugs would be helpless against the vast numbers of government folks authorized to carry guns. Maybe that's the plan. 

A total of $124 million for a new high school? I'm sure it could be built for $35 million. What is District 51 trying to pull on us?

Did someone actually write into this column complaining of the smell of soap and its proximity to the prescription counter at the 12th Street City Market? In many parts of the world, people don't have access to medicine, soap or clean water to use the soap. Unbelievable.

Wanted to compliment and thank the workers who keep  Main Street and the flower planters on North Avenue looking so colorful and beautiful. Makes me so happy and proud to live here. Great job!

Come on Grand Junction — no full service car wash in the city? Why not? Shiners was the one and only, but it no longer appears. Grand Junction continues to move backwards.

Thank you to the person(s) who paid for our meal at International Buffet on Friday.  What a wonderful surprise. We will pay it forward.

A letter to the editor criticized the city for chip sealing a street that had an overlay the previous year. Actually, per industry best practices, a year or two after an overlay is the ideal time to apply a chip seal. When you've just completed your backyard wood deck, do you leave it unfinished because there is "nothing wrong with it"? No, you apply a wood sealer to preserve it in good condition. Thank you, City Public Works; well done.

In regard to the lady who got probation for stealing from the Department of Human Services program for the elderly. I would like to know how she even qualified for the amounts she did? My mom applied because she really needs the help, and they told her she only qualified for $15 in nutrition assistance. That's ridiculous. They don't help the elderly people who truly need it in Mesa County.

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