National Popular Vote an elegant fix

Among the many important questions on this November’s ballot will be Proposition 113, which approves the decision of the state Legislature to join the National Popular Vote.

I’m going to be voting for Prop 113 for one simple reason: In effect, under the current system, a few hundred thousand voters in a handful of swing states choose the president.

The candidates focus nearly all their attention and ad dollars on that small, unrepresentative slice of the electorate. What’s worse, the candidates are forced to tailor their platforms to appeal to those elusive voters — and thus entire national policies are set to suit the whims of a tiny minority.

This should outrage everybody — not just people in populous states or rural states. It’s undemocratic and dysfunctional. The National Popular Vote is an elegant, constitutional fix.



Boebert won’t idly allow the left to attack our country

I’m voting for Lauren Boebert to represent me in Congress and become the first woman to be elected in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Firsts should set the standard and I believe Lauren Boebert will be an exemplary standard bearer for all who believe in this country.

She is a hard worker who exudes boundless energy and enthusiasm, while being compassionate and empathetic toward her future constituents. She has a good business sense and understands that over-regulation and taxation puts a damper on a vibrant and growing economy.

Lauren is well known for her Second Amendment advocacy, but she also is a leader in the fight against the National Popular Vote and a staunch defender of the Constitution.

She won’t be intimidated by her opponent’s negative attacks, just as she won’t sit in the back as the left attacks our country.

I’m voting for Lauren, because the alternative will be the next brick in the road to socialism.



Lack of experience isn’t a strong selling point

I’m always a little dumbfounded when candidates for public office tout their lack of experience in the political world as a badge of honor and a credential for electability. It’s supposed to mean that they come with a fresh perspective and are incorruptible. How has that worked out for us?

If you live in Colorado’s sprawling 3rd District, a district that makes up almost half of the state’s land mass, and when you consider its importance to the ranching, farming, energy, and recreation economies, you have to hope that whoever wins office in November is really smart, qualified, and, yes, has some political chops.

I’m supporting Diane Mitsch Bush for a number of reasons, but one of the reasons is that she’s proven herself as a county commissioner and a state legislator. As a representative in Colorado’s State House, she sponsored bills to lower health insurance costs, increase funding for rural schools, and protect Western Slope water from being diverted to the Front Range. As vice chair of the Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee, she sponsored bills to support farmers and ranchers. Meat and potatoes, solid legislation, and hardly the radical politics her opponent Lauren Boebert has accused her of.

What’s more, 80% of Mitsch Bush’s bills in the Colorado House were co-sponsored by rural Republicans. Again, this demonstrates Mitsch Bush’s ability to work with colleagues from a party not her own.

If Mitsch Bush is unflashy and practical, Lauren Boebert comes across as flashy and impractical. I’d encourage you to visit her website and see if you can discern where she stands on water diversions, renewable energy, rural school funding, health care, etc. Folks, that’s the stuff that will truly affect your lives and a candidate should be able to clearly outline her positions!

What I can ascertain from Boebert’s website is that she does love guns. Loves, loves, loves guns.

If you’re a 3rd District voter, you probably love this vast stretch of Colorado for any number of reasons. We need a representative with a command of the issues, hard-tempered experience, and a work ethic to solve the problems heading our way. That person is Diane Mitsch Bush.



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