What do you most enjoy about your job at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado?

We have highly engineered products and equipment that are proven and re-proven every day. These "state of the art" products can fix a multitude of problems that we find in western Colorado. The manufacturer of the products we use is Foundation Supportworks Inc. of Omaha, Nebraska. They have a room full of engineers that specialize in foundation support and repair. These engineers are available to consult with us and our local engineers to assure our clients of the best possible solutions. Our products are all proudly made in the USA.

I have never been prouder to work with a group of people in my life. The men and women that work at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado are dedicated to the permanent solution for your specific situation. Our customers tell me time after time how refreshing it is to see a group of individuals that care so much about the customers project and work so hard for them.

Many of our customers have told me, they knew we were the right company to make the repairs to their home after they accepted my invitation, to check us out, as you should when hiring any contractor.

Here are just some of our customers comments about their experience with Foundation Repair:

"There was excellent communication on the part of the office, field staff, and management. Work performed exactly as we expected. It was a pleasure doing business with you."--Nick C. of Grand Junction, CO

"Excellent communication throughout the process. Team was friendly, professional, and prompt. They even made sure to close the gate, so our dogs wouldn't get out. Fantastic company and employees!"

--DJ N. of Grand Junction, CO

"Excellent planning and completion of the job. Your crews were hardworking, knowledgeable and professional. We are pleased that there is a local company with your expertise and fine record of success helping Grand Valley home owners! Thank you!"

--Randy P. of Grand Junction, CO

"I do not know how you could improve the service! Courteous, helpful, and answered my questions very well. There was no clean up at all for me, and it was very dirty in the crawlspace under my house! Thank you!"

--Aldine F. of Grand Junction, CO

"This company represents money well spent! It's not cheap, but it's worth it on so many levels. Fear not, relax, enjoy, and ultimately 'trust'! This company and their method of repair, comes before you HIGHLY recommended!"

--Daniel B. of Clifton, CO

"Ted and his gang have my deepest respect! I will gladly be a tool in their advertising any time!"

--Erling B. of Grand Junction, CO

"The crew were very nice to our children; the kids were very interested in what was going on and the crew took a little extra time to let them look and explain what they were doing. We really appreciate the effort they put forth."

--Misty T. of Olathe, CO

"Every part of the process was made simple for us by the professionalism, knowledge, and flexibility of everyone! We feel confident that the pier installation secured our home."

-- Albert & Karyn A. of Montrose, CO

Our main concern is the customers' concern

We work in a black and white industry that allows us the eliminate the grey area of the client/contractor relationship. In most cases, we will provide and exact cause of the foundation issue, exactly how we can fix it, and exactly what it will cost on the day of the evaluation. With a system designed, printed, and delivered on the spot.

We make the foundation repair experience as painless as possible and it is our goal to make every homeowner have a wonderful one. We see several homeowners weekly and encounter a very diverse mix of emotions. When our evaluator shows up, the homeowner can rest assured that their best interests are in our hearts. It feels great to know we do not create the problems with foundations, we only fix them. It is a true pleasure to see the emotional stress and strain lifted from an individual after their home is permanently fixed.


When we permanently support a foundation, we warrant the products and the workmanship for 25 years. Whenever we lift and stabilize concrete slabs we provide a warranty for that as well. Our warranties are transferable to the new buyer/buyers for the life of the warranty. This adds a significant value to the home and a great selling point to bring up to a possible buyer. The best part about our warranty program is that the manufacturer of our products will back our warranties as well.

Western Colorado has been so great to us since we started the company. The majority of our business is through referrals. I tell people every day that western Colorado is a very intimate professional setting. Most companies that do not take care of their customers don't last. Foundation Repair has been in business going on 14 years now and has seen strong and steady growth since its inception. Foundation repair, deep support for new construction and slab lifting eliminating trip hazards, is all we do. We specialize, so be thorough, talk to our past customers, come in and visit us, come late in the day so you can meet our crew. I consider it my greatest privilege to work with our team.

We have a motto "Fix it for good" and that's what our job is!

Looking for help with your home?  Call the HBA of Northwestern Colorado at 970-245-0253 or visit www.hbanwco.com

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