Steve Woytek is a coach, father and teacher.

And now he’s the new athletic director for Grand Junction High School.

Woytek is expected to assume the position after the new school year starts in July. Paul Cain, director of athletics for School District 51, confirmed the hire with The Daily Sentinel. Carol Sams, the Tigers’ previous AD, is retiring.

Woytek is a social studies teacher at GJHS, has two sons in the school’s athletic programs and is an assistant coach with the Colorado Mesa University baseball team.

“I’ve been trained by (CMU baseball coach Chris Hanks). I think it’s time that the coaching tree branches out and a branch stays in the community,” Woytek said. “It’s a great time to be a GJHS Tiger with the new building coming, support from the community, and we have young and youthful coaches.”

Woytek loves the students, staff and parents at GJHS and he views the job as an opportunity to help foster the community’s growth.

That was evident to Cain, who was ecstatic about the hiring

“A good high school AD coaches the coaches, is organized, has great people skills, and has a vision to provide for our student athletes,” Cain said. “Steve has a passion and energy for GJHS. He has a good vision of where the school and new building will go. He has a heart for athletics and activities.”

Cain commended Sams for her ability to coexist with the other schools in the district while also supporting Grand Junction High School. Sams has been with Grand Junction for eight years after serving the same role in Aspen.

“I’m so grateful for all that Carol Sams has done for GJHS as well as District 51,” Cain said. “I’m very appreciative of her time over eight years.”

Woytek is also appreciative of Sams and is excited to assume her mantle.

“Tiger pride starts when we wake up in the morning and how we conduct ourselves in the classroom, that’s the culture I want to build,” Woytek said.