The Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) will implement structural changes to numerous sports as well as introduce new sports within the next two years following votes by the organization's Legislative Council this week.

Beginning in 2021, girls' lacrosse will be split into two classifications, 5A and 4A, ending 23 years of all schools playing in one classification. Boys' lacrosse was similarly unified until 2013.

CHSAA also approved a change to how football teams in all classifications are seeded in the playoffs.

Firstly, four data points will be taken into consideration, with the Rating Percentace Index, MaxPreps rankings, Packard rankings and the CHSAANow coaches poll all being weighed equally. The data from those factors combined will determine teams' ranking and, thus, seeding.

However, the formula isn't without its flexibility. Teams can move up a spot in the rankings if they have a head-to-head victory on their resume. Also, in certain circumstances (Teams ranked 17th-24th in Class 5A and teams ranked ninth-16th in 4A-1A), seeds can be readjusted to account for logistical issues or potential league rematches.

In addition to changes to the structures of existing sanctioned sports, CHSAA also approved three new sanctioned sports for the 2020-2021 school year: girls wrestling, boys volleyball and unified bowling.

As far as the prospects of schools in the Grand Valley adopting girls wrestling go, Central High School Athletic Director Randy Powell doesn't see individual schools having enough athletes to compete.

However, he believes the sport could still come to the region in the coming years.

"I would guess that the starting point would be one district team," Powell said. "We don't have enough girls to support a full team at this point. This year, we had three."

Grand Junction High School Athletic Director Carol Sams echoed Powell's thoughts.

"My guess would be that if the interest is there, we might have one district team at some point," Sams said.

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